In 2017, the government of Nova Scotia announced $2.7 million to address the land title problems in African Nova Scotian communities. Three years later, a new group of NSCC students reconnected with North Preston residents and their supporters to see what difference the money has made, and what still needs to change. For the first time, Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil sat down for an in-depth interview.

Premier Stephen McNeil

Premier Stephen McNeil spoke for the first time at length on the issue of land titles in North Preston.

Robyn Schleihauf

Robyn Schleihauf is a pro bono lawyer and advocate for land titles in North Preston.

Violet Downey

Violet Downey and her husband Flemming had been fighting for land title for decades. They finally received it in March 2020.

Elaine Cain and her father have been trying to get title to their land in North Preston for more than 20 years. Their fight continues.

Christopher Downey

Christopher Downey recently won his case against the province in the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. He will receive title to his land on February 5, 2021. It took him 17 years to get it.

Violet Downey


Elaine Cain

Not diminishing the importance of land title to the economic and social stability of residents of North Preston and other historic African Nova Scotian communities, we would like to recognize that all land in Nova Scotia is unceded Mi’kmaw territory.