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In fall 2015, journalism, television and radio students at the Nova Scotia Community College started investigating the issue of land title in North Preston. The launch of our project Untitled: The Legacy of Land in North Preston received national coverage in Canada and prompted the government of Nova Scotia to officially commit to helping resolve this centuries-old injustice.

So one year later, with a group of new students, we decided to follow up on our story to see what, if any progress, has been made. We revisited the people we spoke to last year and interviewed new people affected by the issue. All of these new stories were produced as sharable videos for social media known as TOVs or Text-On-Videos. They can be watched with or without sound.

The Province Responds

Nova Scotia's Minister of Natural Resources Lloyd Hines and Minister of African Nova Scotian Affairs Tony Ince weigh in on the issue.

The Downey's Story

The story of Violet and Flemming Downey, and their decades-long struggle to get title to their family land.

The United Nations

Law student Angela Simmonds brought the North Preston land title issue to the United Nations' Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent.

The Lawyers

A small group of Nova Scotian lawyers are working pro bono to help the people of North Preston gain title to their land.

The Law Students

Law students Angela Simmonds and Tiffarah McLean were hired by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources to work on land title in African Nova Scotian communities.

Vicky Simmons' Story

The story of North Preston resident Vicky Simmonds and her struggle to gain title to her family's land.

North Preston Land Recovery Initiative

An update on a group of North Preston residents lobbying the province to help their community get land title.

Student Surveyors

Land surveying students at NSCC's Centre of Geographic Sciences are hoping to help the people of North Preston gain title to their land by offering their services for free.

Elaine Cain's Story

A follow up on the story of North Preston resident Elaine Cain, who's been trying to get title to family land.

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